Circo arts

Photo of three circo arts students performing aerial acrobatics using suspended cloths.

Important notice

CPIT’s Circo Arts programme will not be offered in 2014 due to continuing challenges in being able to provide appropriate facilities.

A performing arts facility is proposed to be developed at CPIT in the future and could incorporate a Circo Arts training space; however this is not likely to be ready until 2020 - 2022.

“We still hope one day to be in a position to offer tertiary courses in Circus Arts and physical theatre within the context of the other performing arts programmes at CPIT, once the core facilities on the campus have been established,” Tom Rainey, Head of CPIT’s Creative Industries Department says.

CPIT is remaining alert and open to any possible opportunity that will enable courses in circus arts and physical theatre to be offered again, alongside existing performing arts programmes at NASDA and the Jazz School.

Rainey is confident that experienced individuals and community groups, such as the Christchurch Circus Centre can continue to provide opportunities for people seeking skills and performance opportunities in circus arts.

Circo Arts has been offered at CPIT since 1996, until the 22 February 2011 earthquake affected the Circo Arts building on the Madras Street Campus.

About circo arts

Circus theatre spans a range of circus, theatre and comic disciplines.

The fusion of circus with other performance media has enabled some of the most inspiring innovations in entertainment of recent times and Circus Arts offers a challenging and exciting career, both nationally and internationally for motivated performers. You could find yourself employed for mainstream circus, new circus, street performance, corporate and private functions, cabaret, children's entertainment, community and public festivals, carnivals, theatre and films.

Studying circo arts

Our circo arts programme is well known internationally as a training ground of circus performers, with graduates going on to perform in New Zealand and around the globe with companies like Cirque de Soleil and Circus Oz.

You will build on your skill and performance base with extensive training in the circus skill area of your choice. Subjects covered include aerials, acrobatics, juggling and manipulation, equilibristics, dance, yoga, exercise science, physical theatre, clown and comedy, devising and performing, as well as history and comparative studies and business and risk management.