Digital video post production

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About digital video post production

Digital technology is giving film and video makers increasingly diverse options for producing quality films and professional videos more efficiently than has ever been possible in the past.

Just about everything we see at the movies or on TV has been through a post-production studio. For this reason, graduates with a digital video post-production qualification will find career opportunities in a wide range of media including film production and television broadcasting, video post-production, advertising and internet based media.

Studying digital video post production

The New Zealand Broadcasting School's Diploma in Digital Video Post Production (DVPP) is a one year, intensive programme that uses state of the art facilities to teach a wide range of skills and software involved with digital video production and post-production.

It concentrates on project-based lab work in multimedia and audio/video post production to present theories and practices to familiarise students with the advanced aspects of the post production process.

Expert tutors and visiting professionals will provide you with the skills and knowledge to prepare you for the post-production industry. While most begin such work in entry level roles, such training will help your rapid progression to more advanced, high-skill opportunities that exist in your chosen post production area.


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Diploma in Digital Video Post Production

Programme code: CH3968 Level: 6 Credits: 120 Starts: February

With our intensive one year programme you will be prepared for the exciting employment opportunities created by the rapid evolution of technology and software used in the film and television industries.

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